Welcome to Reach

It's Ability, not Disability that Matters.

Each year, babies are born in the UK missing part of one or both arms and hands. Added to these are a small number of children who lose limbs or parts of limbs due to traumatic incidents or necessary surgery. For many of the families of these children it is the first time that they will have come across such a disability. Reach aims to provide these families with the opportunity to get together, share experiences and information about what options they have and where to go for advice regarding treatment and most importantly, to help them realise that they are not alone.

By joining Reach you are supporting the valuable work we offer to families of children with an upper limb deficiency:

  • Local branch network throughout the UK and Eire to provide support and an opportunity for children and parents to meet.
  • Head office providing advice and support through telephone helpline, email, print and social media.
  • 'Within Reach' magazine 3 times a year.
  • Personal Injury Insurance cover for upper limbs. (UK residents from birth to 65yrs)
  • Hire scheme for one-handed Recorders and a library of music for other instruments.
  • Try before you buy loan scheme for useful equipment, such swim paddle, scissors and other gadgets.
  • Bursary Grants for members up to the age of 18yrs.
  • Annual Activity Week for Reach children aged 10-18yrs.
  • Family weekend where we encourage sharing experience and resources.